Home Assistant Compatible Smart Lock for UPVC multipoint lock door


I have a door that has multipoint lock (UPVC) - this means that before locking the door you have to turn up the handle of the door and only afterwards you can spin the key and lock the handle position meaning you can’t press it down to open the door.

Is there any smart lock that covers this scenario? I also want to integrate it with home assistant and wifi… I don’t have any zwave stick (only zigbee) and I’d avoid it if possible.

Thanks in advance

don’t think there is a smart lock for this, but there are a few DIY options on this forum.
Here’s a topic with a few options:

I have the same kind of door. I find the nuki smart lock works pretty well - the handle still needs to be pushed up manually before locking, but I quickly got into the habit of doing that every time I shut the door. I live alone, though - I can see it might be a problem in a larger household.

The other thing about the nuki is that you have to make sure the lock cylinder allows the key to be turned on the outside when there is a key inserted on the inside - essentially the device fits over the inside key and turns it for you, making it ideal for rental properties because no alterations to the door are required.

The lock is controlled via bluetooth and there is an optional bridge which plugs into a nearby socket which allows you to connect to Alexa etc.

Worked extremely well with HA until the upgrade to 0.111. Since then it hasn’t worked at all.

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Thanks @Stiltjack for “correcting” me and sorry @alexmuntean for not reading your question correctly.
I know you said you wanted to avoid zwave, but I have a Yale Conexis L1 that works brilliantly (under zwave) on my 5 multipoint door

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if you lift up the handle is it locking automatically?

Yes. And if you unlock via key fob or ha but du bout open the door (don’t drop the handle) it automatically relocks within 30 sec. I bought a zwave stick only for this (aeotec gen 5)

:frowning: I see that my door has to be maximum 70 mm thick and it is 80 mm thick :frowning:

Wow. You live in a castle? :joy:

ahhaha. no. it’s just that this kind of doors are available in my area

Danalock is another option which will work well - available in both Zigbee and Zwave. You will still have to push the handle up to engage the lock - there is no smartlock that I know of which will do that, but once you have done that it will “turn the key” for you - just like the NUKI. I have both and they both work well - the NUKI requiring its own hub to connect, whereas the Danalock will go direct.
Size of the door isn’t really an issue, but you might have to get a new cylinder.

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Isnt it possible to just remove the multipoints? I just bought an electronic door lock, only to relaize I have a multipoint lock. I have no need for the multipoint.

I know it is an old topic and maybe you found a device already but I just installed a smart lock on my 75mm width upvc multilock door.
The door lock is named liliwise S31b but you can find it under different names depending of the company that sells them and you can find it in Romania also.
I had to do some small modification in order not to change the mortise and use the existing one but it works.
I ordered the gateway and will try to integrate it in HA as someone stated on amazon uk review that he managed to integrate the lock.

How did it went? I am considering this lock as well.

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Hi Seba, please can you send me more data about this successfully try

I’m trying to find a similar solution for a 35 mil back set multipoint door that is ideally auto unlock lock with home assistant zigbee.

Did anyone find a solution to this?