Home Assistant config directory

I’m running hassio on a pi and I’m trying to control alexa(tts). In this link it says add files to Home Assistant config directory.

Is this accessed through ssh? If so how do I reach it? If not then how would I ( chmod +x alexa_remote_control.sh & chmod +x alexa_wrapper.sh )?

SSH add-on will get you there. The location is probably in /config just check the info page on your home assistant instance and you will see where the config is

Click the menu button on left hand side of page, and then the little i in a circle button

You mean where my configuration.yaml file is stored? I have access to that through samba, but if i place files there then how do i " chmod +x…" change file permissions there?

i think i got it … ssh into hassio then “cd /config”

Try this: https://developers.home-assistant.io/docs/en/hassio_debugging.html