Home assistant control of google only device

i can control my air conditioner via google assistant…“hey google, turn on/off the aircon” but i want to be able to have a entity button or similar in lovelace where i can click it on/off but there is no supported device in HA.

i cant seem to find out how, in HA to create a script etc that will talk to google assistant and make the request for me.

is this possible?

anyone able to shed some light on this?

HA doesn’t talk to GA in that manner

had a feeling that might be the case. thanks for confirming

You could possibly try IFTTT scripts

Can the air conditioner not be integrated into HA?

i dont think so… its a hard wired controller that has an additional wifi component that is google enabled. im not sure how i would integrate that with HA

Well what device is it?

If it’s Google Assistant enabled, it connects to a service of some sort. What service is it?

the aircon itself is a breezair evaporative air-conditioner.

it connects to google via the MagIQtouch voice assistant

You can use this setup to send commands to Google Home to then get the Google Home to perform the control of the non-HA device. There is a ‘broadcast’ function and a ‘command’ function. It’s the ‘command’ function that will do what you want.

ok thanks for that, ill take a look and try work it out