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If I could get the third free text answer: After the suggestion from @code-in-progress I’d like to take the “categroy” variant, where we could list “one-liners” for experienced users, that would fit nicely, don’t you think?

And we could collect more entries for that “category”, I’m quite sure there are a lot of useful links in my bookmarks… :slight_smile:

But I’d maybe put this category in a “hide”-menu.

This one:

Advanced usage examples

Caution, use at your own risk, and only when you know what you do!

  • first link

And second question… How to present “one liners” and other more advanced stuff?

  • One or two topics, where we could collect them
  • A new category like “Advanced code snippets”
  • Advanced usage examples where appropriate in a “hide” menu
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This is fun! :rofl:

Better give both polls a few hours to brew.


At least these are reasonable questions! :smiley: I remember a poll, where the question was “Do you use Home Assistant?” :rofl: :rofl:

Can’t we have both? A category “Advanced code snippets”, that is hidden? Maybe a new poll could give some insight…? :rofl: Sorry, couldn’t resist :rofl:

  • Yeah, let’s have a new poll
  • No, don’t be daft
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I voted against it because we already have a markdown dictionary, and the format of that just confused the shit out of me. I had to read it like 5 times before I decided it’s a one line markdown statement with odd choices.
Basically the way it’s written I had problems with, I guess not really the content.

I know I also confuse people when I explain things, but that was obtuse as an attempt at entertainment, I didn’t like it.


This is a bit long but there’s no wasted space.

Updating Templates with the new default values in 2021.10.x.

  • Cookbook
  • Not Cookbook
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Is that still necessary? The default value has to be used for more than two and a half years. Practically all examples should have adopted the “new” default value till now.

And if not, the example is likely to be out-of-date on its own. :thinking:

On the other hand it is a very well written guide, and it could work as an example for how to use the default value…

This was my thought. I would adjust the title on this end.

I know, too many ideas today…
This is a link that is used in the HA Discord Bot.

I lost it and thought it would fit in the template section along with some examples we add ourselves.

Now this one falls into the one-liner kind of thing, but that link alone has 25 separate examples. And hey, who doesn’t want to type in Morse code anyway?

Obviously this is a git link.

mysmarthome/jinja_helpers at master · skalavala/mysmarthome · GitHub.

  • Ok as part of a wiki we can add examples to
  • Too listy Belongs elsewhere
  • Pull examples into here and give the author attribution.
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I should have added a fourth question to the poll about “one liners”.

  • Should we be doing advanced stuff at all?
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As I remember (all those weeks ago…) the idea was to provide basic “how to” posts in response to commonly asked questions. Actually the posts are getting more and more obscure - probably reflecting our own interests rather than those of non-technical newcomers.

Maybe we should be pruning… I like the idea of hidden advanced pointers, which seems to give the best of both worlds.

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We have markdown available in the index.
Let’s do some color coding or something to show basic, intermediate, advanced?

I can see hiding stuff maybe.

Agreed!! Just answered a simple color question a few minutes ago. The available info for the Markdown card is limited and confuses a lot of folks.

Most don’t know you can add style inside the content:

Though I’ve recommended Skalavala’s guide many times, I don’t think I’d add it as-is. I think it would be better to have a few posts that cover template basics more topically. That way, when they are referenced, people aren’t being sent to a confusing, encyclopedic collection of templates.

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OK, the poll is closed.

In accordance with the will of the people, I have created a new “For More Experienced Users” section and moved a few posts into it (basically, the ones I don’t understand).

Over to you guys… :grin:

I can work in that, sure.

Just spotted this and it never crossed my mind to do it.
You should write up a cookbook wiki in the experienced section for this!

Integrating External Variable Files into Home Automation Automations - #3 by Didgeridrew.

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I got that from Petro…

Unlike macros it will return data types other than strings, but the template only renders on restart or if you call homeassistant.reload_custom_templates, so if the user isn’t careful they can end up with unreliable output.

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You could also create a custom_template and share it in HACS…
Then you could document it and such.

Look at mine to see what I did, and it can be shared to HACS and listed as well. Only see it in experimental.

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I’ve started a community guide intended for the cookbook, but not yet included it in the index as it doesn’t contain much yet.

Zigbee devices that don't play nice.

Additions welcome.

:+1: Design question: have you thought about putting the data into a table? I had the same problem a while ago with the list for Midea A/Cs.

I thought, it might be better readable, if people give their information in one post per device, and a list in the starting post gives the link to that post.

See here for an example:

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