Home Assistant Core on Synology - Lutron Integration not included

Hi. I migrated from VirtualBox to Synology using Home Assistant Core but now I don’t see “Supervisor” and Lutron is not included on the Integrations meaning I cannot add it.

How do I fix this? DO I need to add other packages on Synology?

Thanks in advance.

Use Home Assistant Container. Comes with all dependencies and without gimmicks

Thanks for your response. Where do I do I download it from? I don’t see it on the package center on Synology.

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Thanks. The problem is when I try to install docker, it says “This package is not supported on the platform of DiskStation or is incompatible with the current DSM version”.

Is there any other way I can do this? Or is there any Docker alternative package I can use?

The version in the package center is most likely out of date so it won’t have the latest integrations (including but not limited to Lutron). And from the sounds of it, you have an arm based Synology which does not support docker virtualization.

The only other option I can think of for you is if your Synology supports virtual machine manager. Search the forums here for setting up HA (I think it’s the supervised version) on Synology through virtual machine manager. If your Synology doesn’t support it, then you’re pretty much out of luck unless you can get python installed and install HA core manually.

Thanks again for taking the time on this.

I will check if virtual machine is supported on my Synology. I do have Phyton instead on my Synology which was installed automatically with HA Core, does this help to install HA manually? If so, how?