Home Assistant Core shutting down unexpectedly

Similar to ArthurS since the latest updates my system has been better, but still having slight outages every now and then. The 2021.12.x update coincided with a HASS.io update to version 7.0 and this may have helped some.

However I am still concerned at the memory creep my VM is doing. If you look at my post 14 days ago as you will see the VM memory usage dropped to below two (2) GB on stopping and starting the VM. Since then I have had to restart the VM a couple of times as per this issue, and the memory is starting to creep up again:

Looking at the memory sensor on the system itself it is rarely gotten above 10% before I have had to restart the VM as it became unresponsive:

I found my way here serching for another issue, your comment solved my issue to :slight_smile: speedtest and waze made my upstart take way to long giving me several strange issues. Thanks!

This thread has been dormant for a while, but I wanted to offer a quick update: when I wrote the original post, I was running “HA supervised” on Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi 3. The memory issue did not ever when completely away, I just learnt to live with it with daily restarts (chron-drivven)

So a few weeks ago I decided to re-install, same hardware and same HA config, but I went from HA Supervised to HA Operating System (HA takes full-control of the PI OS). The differences:

  • Much less memory utilization
  • No memory-related crashes/restarts (or any crash/restart at all)
  • Much snappier/responsive system overall

The chat below shows about one week worth of memory utilization just before I re-installed (at the top) and right now (bottom). The same integrations, sensors, automations, etc. are present in both setups: