Home Assistant Core stuck on 2023.12.1

Hi guys,

I have a problem with my deployment, as I can’t update the Core above 2023.12.1.

It is driving me crazy because 2023.12.1 broke my Zigbee setup and it constantly loses connection to my motion lights… :tired_face: :tired_face:

Tried every version that was released since and nothing.
Recently I’ve also tried to do it through CLI - nothing. It seems that it is running the update and after the reboot, it is still 2023.12.1. I think in logs I’ve found that it timeouts.

I’m running Raspberry Pi3, I have 34GB free, an average Home Assistant Core CPU usage is ~5%, and RAM ~50%.

What should I do to fix that issue?

The same, on 2023.12.2.

At the moment it’s even worse because I have a hard time updating addons like Spotify Connect or Studio Code Server… anyone have any ideas on how to identify and fix the issue?

Eventually found the solution in that subject: