Home Assistant Core vs HASSIO

Why if I use Home Assistant Core with Raspberry Pi OS does Homeassistant open in less than 30 seconds and if I install the SD Card version it takes more than 2 minutes? Using a raspberry pi Zero W. I know it is not recommended but the only bad thing about it is the time to boot

Most likely due the HA OS loading about 8 other containers at the same time.

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Is there any way to make it faster?

Yeah - don’t use a Pi Zero.

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In Brazil a Raspberry Pi 3 costs 100 dollars, it is not viable to work … And ZeroW works with any USB power supply.

I understand. If the Pi Zero works for you, you might just have to put up with the slow reboot times and try to minimize the number of times you reboot HA.

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Or use the core installation.

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I’m having trouble updating the Core because of Python 3.8

Try following this guide to upgrade your Python.