Home Assistant crashed every few days

as title says my HA has started to crash every few days. This mean that I’m able to connect to my instance and almost all sensor are " following to your Unavailable and cannot use add-ons or even boot ha from gui(need to power it off from cable). Lights and ac are still working thought HA.

Went trough logs are they look like this. I have Pi 4, 8GB where HA are installed on ssd.

What would be next steps to find root cause to this so I can fix it. Looks like it might have started with disk I/O error and have something to do with sql

Its seems your DB is corrupted, maybe your SSD experiences some problem. Anyway if you have a lots of IoT and settings, you are recommended to replace SQLlite to Mysql or MariaDB or Postgress

I have maybe about 50 devices connected to my ha (sensor, lights, tv and etc). Is DB corruption usally more related SSD or to DB it self (SQLlite)?

It can be coming from the SSD anyway 50 is a lot of IoT most recommend to ditch the sqllite and going for rational DB

Installed MariaDB and HA seems to work way better. No crashes is last 3 days

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