Home Assistant crashes tablet?

Hi! Im new to home assistant and m trying to setup a wall mounted tablet with home assistant.
The problem is that my tablet (lenovo m10 fhd) reboots randomly when using home assistant. I tryed with fully kiosk browser and wall panel its the same. When i have sharptool connected to smarthing with kiosk theres no problem at all?

What can cause this? I’ve tryed to factory reset the tablet cleared cache without success.

What version of android?

Its running android 10

I have the lenovo fhd m10 plus for 3 years now and since some months the home assistant app also stops after some time. Also tried restoring to factory settings but the problem remains. Don’t know the cause yet.

Android version?


My app also crashes randomly on Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus. I am attaching a screen shot with the version number.

so its also android 10.

I’m normally using 10+ custom frontend cards so those might also be the problem.
So i added a new dashboard and didn’t change anything to it.

Jan 5, 1:41 PM: I will let it run and see what happens :smiley:
Jan 5, 5:52 PM: still displaying