Home Assistant crashing and taking down internet since enabling Home Assistant Cloud

Yesterday I signed up to the trial of Home Assistant Cloud to give myself seamless access to my Home Assistant install when away from home. Since enabling it I have gotten the features working and can control some devices with Alexa.

at about 2am this morning my internet went down as I can see it in my router logs, no issues being reported from my ISP and my router LED indicator is reporting no issues. The interface however is telling me there is no internet connectivity and all my devices on the network cant connect, in addition Home Assistant is completely unresponsive and I cant connect it to it locally or remotely, none of my automations are working.

After a lot of debugging of my networking kit I finally just unplugged the Pi 4 as I couldn’t connect it over SSH or anything. As soon as I unplugged it my router reported it was connected to the internet and everything on the network worked as expected, until about an hour ago where the same issue happened again.

This time as before Home Assistant is completely unresponsive, isnt accessible and all my automations aren’t working, and all devices reporting no internet connection. I unplug the Pi again and instantly everything comes back to life.

This has happened twice now and within 24 hours of be enabling remote access to the Pi though Home Assistant Cloud. I have tried to check logs but Home Assistant seems to just delete everything prior to a reboot and the only details in my home assistant logs in both supervisor and core are since it rebooted, which isnt very useful for debugging. I have also emailed Cloud support to see if there is an issue. I am assuming it is this as it only started happening after I enabled it.

I have now disabled Alexa integration as I am trying to work out what is causing the issue. My install was stable and reliable for multiple months and has only crashed through me causing it, not by itself. If it happens again I will disable remote access. If it continues I will just sign out of Home Assistant cloud.

Has anyone else had any issues with Home Assistant Cloud? Also can someone indicate how I can access more thorough logs to identify what could be the cause?

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Hey there, sorry to necro-post, but did you ever figure this out?

I’m experiencing something similar. Every 24-48hrs my 2.4ghz network will just stop working and all devices attached to it (that’s most of my IoT gear!) become unresponsive. The only thing that seems to fix things is a reboot of Home Assistant.

It’s super weird and, as you mentioned in your post, the HA logs don’t reveal anything useful. I’m still able to connect to HA without issue so I can do the reboot from within HA and not have to PTP.

It isn’t a problem with my router either, as it’s has been happening on two different routers I’ve tried.

It feels like HA is maybe saturating the network somehow but I can’t figure it out. I also use Nabu Casa but have had it for a while before this started happening. Would be interested to know if you ever worked out what was going on.

So its a bit of a weird one. Initially i thought it was Nabu Casa but it isnt, it just started at the exact time.

There seems to be some undiagnosed issue with all HassOS releases beyond 5.4 that causes the Pi to freeze. For me 5.3 works perfectly but anything I tried beyond that would cause the Pi to lock up and kill the network that everything is connected to. There are a couple of long commented issues on GitHub. The one i used to comment in lots is this one. HASS unstable · Issue #1119 · home-assistant/operating-system · GitHub Issue is there seems to be a lot of people on that with similar result but different causes. I myself haven’t tried any of the 6.0 releases usually because at least someone on that thread says it didnt work.

Some people seem to have the issue fixed with the latest HassOS version but i guess with the timing of your post it didnt for you. Try installing 5.3, for me it has been constantly up bar since reverting. I am running the latest version of HA.

People have reported success running Debian with HA supervised, but i am in the mindset of it ain’t broke dont fix it. HassOS may be missing some security updates being that i am still running a November release but that doesnt concern me too much. I may update to Debian on a separate platform in the future but for now i have found something that works.

Oh one last thing i am running HassOS on an SSD. We thought this was the issue initially but then people were reporting the same thing on standard SD Card Configurations… so who knows.

Having same problem, the only difference is it’s chronic. router is disconnected from internet and restarts every 10 minutes. Incrementally worse for weeks, but now I need to power down my home assistant when I need internet….:frowning:

Same for me

the issue still persists for me as well, running supervised version of Homeassistant on my rpi3. It started after remote access setup through cloudflare.