Home assistant create account greyed out

Hello, I created a new home assistant instance on virtualbox (I followed the installation tutorial). After putting in this url: http://homeassistant.local:8123/ my home assistant setup is started and i get the screen “this can takes up to 20minutes”. After setup I need to create an account but this is greyed out. I dont see any errors, just the greyed out button. Any help appriciated!!

Is that Afrikaans / Dutch? Can you post the message as text so it can be pasted into Google Translate?

It just says “create a new account and welcome to the community”. But then the button to create an account is greyed out.

Hit refresh a couple of times?

Then I get the message “error while loading, wait to refresh” and then there’s an endless spinning circle.

I don’t know we’ll need some help from others.

Anyone find a solution to this? I have the same problem: Brand new installation of HA on Docker, on an Unbuntu 20.04 box

First time on launching from the client, I get the HA welcome page - but create account button is greyed out. On refreshing, or launching a second time, I get an ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error.

Connections between the Unbuntu box and the client (a Win 11 PC) are fine - can ping both ways, and a Plex server on the same box is working fine.

I have the same issue, 1 year later :cry:

Here is my solution:

  • right-click on the disabled button
  • inspect element
  • open the <div class="footer">
  • remove the “disabled” attribute from the <mwc-button> HTML element
  • press enter
  • click the button !

Peek 15-11-2023 08-52

Another solution is to create the user from your command line:

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "client_id": "",
    "name": "admin",
    "username": "admin",
    "password": "12345",
    "language": "en"

I had the same problem when I used a “generated very strong password”.
When I use a password without special characters , the create account button is not greyed out.
It looks like the “generated very strong password” is not accepted by Home-Assistant, which causes the create account button to be greyed out.