Home-assistant-custom-ui not working after update

I updated my hass.io to 0.59.1 yesterday and today suddenly the custom_ui_state_cards stopped working. I revisited https://github.com/andrey-git/home-assistant-custom-ui#changelog and saw that the html files had been updated and that I needed to update my configuration.yaml. However, I still can’t get it to work with my lights, which don’t show up in the gui when I have it enabled in customize. As soon as I comment out the custom_ui_state_card stuff, the lights show up in the gui again.

I have looked in the log, but can’t find anything that appears to be related to these customizations.

My light configs look like this:

  friendly_name:  Golvlampa
  custom_ui_state_card: state-card-custom-ui
  state_card_mode: single-line
  stretch_slider: true
  hide_control: false
    min: 10
    max: 200
    off_when_min: false

Any ideas?

For some reason it works now. I removed a failed zwave node and after that it worked, but have no clue why.