Home Assistant Dashboard Solar Panel layout

Dear All,

I would like to replicate the functionality currently available in fusion solar app which enables me to visually see the production of each solar panel (thanks to the installed optimaizers).

This would mean using the 6-8 values that each panel gives I can draw out solar panel boxes with colors and some writing on this representing each and every panel live. This would visually show me at a given time which panel is giving me more power, etc.

Which direction should I go? What custom cards do you know that would help me with this?

I think setting color based on value should not be an issue.
Putting some writing on the side like temperature (also colored), Volts (also colored),
The whole box would probably be colored based on Current.

I have also input current and input Volt which also should be in text on it.

Any suggestions?

Yes, I haven’t tested it myself, but this is possible:
Per-panel PV power / energy visualization (solaredge optimizer data) - Share your Projects! - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

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