Home Assistant decals

Hey guys. What do u think if we would start printing decals for our systems? Like home assistant mqtt xmpp etc? I was also thinking about 3d printing … What do u think?

As far as I remember are stickers in production for Pycon. I guess that they would be only available during the conference.

thats a pity. .I really can’t find any provider who prints metal decals. If not i will have to print them by my own on transparent film and put them on my plexiglas covered “server Rack”

Keep this in mind for another donation project like the T-Shirts. It would be great to send the proceeds to EFF or an OpenSource foundation. I know I would buy some.

I’d actually love to see a security/alarm decal/post that says something like ‘Monitored by Home Assistant’.

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Stickermule.com is great for custom printed, affordable, high quality, indoor/outdoor stickers and wall/floor decals. They do not do metallic/metal foil prints of any sort.

If you’re looking for metallic foil prints like the one in the image below I have a supplier in Taiwan that can produce these. I’m just not sure if these metallic foil prints are outdoor weather resistant like I would expect on a sign in someones front garden like a ADT Security sign. If you would like, I can ask about this.

Metal Foil Sticker (Silver) "HHKB Professional 2"

I would be interested in this. I just replied to a different post about the same subject, and moo.com does cheap simple round stickers but they aren’t going to be weather resistant. I’d like to look into pricing for more official looking raised badges like that in your post.