Home assistant disk full?

My drive is full and it’s like 128gb or something. It’s an odroid n2 Plus and it keeps filling up and then everything stops f***ing working. I just changed it to 3 local backups and only 15 days in the configuration file for recorder. Idk what else I’m supposed to do but get an external drive or something.

Pay special attention to points :one: to :four::two: :warning:

Right but I was trying to avoid that by finding out what is Taking up disk space exactly. Like what files or folders and what do they correspond with is there an addon I can use to find this data? I have only 5 GB now after deleting stuff.

That’s probably the right way. Sadly all people which could help (the ones with the :crystal_ball:) are busy :man_shrugging:

In case you expect help from people without crystal ball check the link posted and add at least the bare minimum information so that their is a chance to even provide help…

:one: Search might be specially helpful for you!

You could for example open the search: https://community.home-assistant.io/search and enter “disk full” into the field and see of any of the 50+ entries is related to yours? Maybe it’s not the first entry but the fifth? :wink: