Home Assistant Docker Image and Supervisor issue

Hi all

I’ve been searching through the community but I was not able to find the right answer to my question and since I’d like to hear from you some suggestions, I decided to post a new topic. If something like this has been already posted and replied, I really apologize…
I’ll keep it short. I installed Home Assistant as a Docker image on Ubuntu 18.04. It was all running fine, until I discovered I cannot install an add-on (I wanted to try Node-RED). I started the troubleshooting and noticed some error messages in the supervisor UI, saying the installation is not clean because it’s not running in privileged mode.

Now, before started to run any script / re-install anything that could make things even worse, I’d like to ask if it would be more convenient to just switch to Home Assistant OS like this and restore the current configuration on it, and most of all, how troublesome that might be.

What would you recommend to do?

Ah, you’re running the Supervised method, not Container (which is native Docker, no add-ons, no Supervisor).

  1. Take a snapshot
  2. Download the snapshot
  3. Perform the HA OS install
  4. Upload the snapshot at the onboarding screen

First off thanks for your reply !

Secondly, not really familiar with the terminology, and just out of curiosity, how do you tell I’m running the Supervised method? And most of all, what are the differences? If you have an article or something talking about this, I’ll grab the info from there…

Easy, you said two things:

Docker image on Ubuntu 18.04


supervisor UI, saying the installation is not clean because it’s not running in privileged mode

The first rules out Home Assistant OS (has its own OS) and Home Assistant Core (doesn’t use Docker). The second rules out Home Assistant Container (native Docker) since it has no Supervisor UI.

There’s a blog post on the subject, and ADRs explaining each in more (technical) detail:

  • HA OS
    • Image based install, add-ons, no ability to “tinker” with the OS on the host
  • HA Container
    • Docker on Linux, no add-ons, do what you want on the host - just learn enough Docker to know what you’re doing
  • HA Core
    • pip install, no add-ons, do what you want - just learn enough Linux to know what you’re doing
  • HA Supervised
    • Scripted install version of HA OS on your own OS, add-ons, only officially supported on Debian Buster - “just” learn enough Linux and Docker to ensure you stay supported, and remember that OS upgrades may cause the Supervisor to refuse to let you upgrade anything until you fix the thing it complains about
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Except it’s not HA OS lol…

Got it. Thank you very much for the explanation!

Ended up installing the OS and restoring everything on it. I just got to fix a couple of minor things and it’s now running smoothly!

Ok, Home Assistant OS :stuck_out_tongue:

I just couldn’t be bothered typing it out repeatedly…

HA OS is the top install type you mentioned. HA Supervised doesn’t run on HA OS in the context of option 4 it runs on a stand alone Linux distribution like and preferably Debian buster for a supported installation.

Should you clarify for me:

Does this way (after run script install.sh) install both Home assistant core and Home assistant supervisor or just Home assistant supervisor only ?

It installs everything - see this guide.

However, be sure you fully read and follow the ADR. If you don’t then you’ll end up with an unsupported, and unhealthy, install that no longer fully works.

Thank you
I’ve installed supervisor in my Pi 3

Hopefully then you installed Debian Buster first, because if not, that’s not supported… as explained in the ADR.

Yes, I use that latest image of Raspbian (Buster) in previous month

Raspbian Buster is not Debian Buster. Only Debian is fully supported.

And this is why the install method you’re using comes with so many warnings…

You have three options:

  1. The sensible choice - reinstall with Home Assistant OS
  2. If you’re really an expert with Linux, Docker, and networking - reinstall with Debian
  3. If you enjoy suffering - just carry on with what you’re doing and wait for things to break

Thanks for your advice.
I will monitor my Supervisor in Raspbian Buster, I hope it have not many issues