Home Assistant docker image slow extract

Hi there
I’m running HA on my RPi 4 in a docker container. Running it is no problem at all - it’s very performant. The RPi is a 4GB model.
My challenge is that everytime I pull a new version of HA image it takes approx 2 minutes to download and over 20 mins to extract. How can I optimize this?

Anybody else has the same challenge?

PS: I am aware it might be a Docker issue, but it is most dominant with the HA images - my other pulls ain’t that slow.

Docker images are gzip compressed. HA images are quite large and have numerous layers. A pi4 is simply not fast enough to reduce extraction time in a meaningful way

Using SD ? It only takes 20 minutes on my test Pi1 running of a HDD.

Hmm, might try move the installation to a USB stick - would that do any good?

Followed this guide:
Change Docker data directory on Debian – Random thoughts (adriel.co.nz)
Preliminary result seems to be way faster :slight_smile: