Home Assistant does not recognise CCU2 but recognise wireless component

Attached the full log from my HA.
You find the ERROR in line: 2992 and 3454 (called the service two times), i only see this error and no other error…

Edit: Do i have to install the XML-API or are you talking to the ccu2 through the XML-RPC module?

home-assistant.yaml (790.8 KB)

It doesn’t even try to get the variables via the JSON-RPC API. It uses the method where no username and password are required, which only works when using Homegear. Are you sure you have properly set up a username and password on the CCU2? And also added those to the host-part of your configuration parameters?

Edit: The XML-API is only used to resolve device names (turn QEQ123456 to Waschmaschine). But that’s optional since the same can be done via JSON-RPC, and every CCU2 can do that without any modification and just a user to authenticate.

@danielperna84 just tried to set a variable on my setup too, but same result as @ich777:

ERROR (SyncWorker_1) [homeassistant.components.homematic] Variable Alle not found on ccu2

tried your test python script:

root@homeassistant:/usr/src/app# python3 /config/scripts/testscript.py                                                
DEBUG:__main__:jsonRpcPost: Method: Session.login                                                                     
DEBUG:__main__:jsonRpcPost: API-Endpoint:                                       
DEBUG:__main__:Result: {'id': 0, 'version': '1.1', 'result': 'aM86MNmhds', 'error': None}                             
DEBUG:__main__:jsonRpcPost: Method: Interface.listInterfaces                                                          
DEBUG:__main__:jsonRpcPost: API-Endpoint:                                       
DEBUG:__main__:Got interface: BidCos-RF                                                                               
DEBUG:__main__:jsonRpcPost: Method: Device.listAllDetail                                                              
DEBUG:__main__:jsonRpcPost: API-Endpoint:                                       
DEBUG:__main__:Resolving devicenames                                                                                  
DEBUG:__main__:Handling device: NEQ1761410                                                                            
DEBUG:__main__:Name: Badezimmer Fenster                                                                               
DEBUG:__main__:Handling device: LEQ0545202                                                                            
DEBUG:__main__:Name: Badezimmer Fussbodenheizung                                                                      
DEBUG:__main__:Handling device: LEQ0596781                                                                            
DEBUG:__main__:Name: Wohnzimmer Thermostat                                                                            
DEBUG:__main__:jsonRpcPost: Method: SysVar.getAll                                                                     
DEBUG:__main__:jsonRpcPost: API-Endpoint:                                       
ERROR:__main__:jsonRpcPost: Exception parsing JSON: Invalid \escape: line 1 column 58 (char 57)                       
WARNING:__main__:getAllSystemVariables: Exception: 'error'                                                            
INFO:__main__:Variables: {}                                                                                           
DEBUG:__main__:jsonRpcPost: Method: Session.logout                                                                    
DEBUG:__main__:jsonRpcPost: API-Endpoint:                                       

That’s the usual CCU bug. I have added a possible workaround for that in the latest _hm.py. If you don’t use hassio you could replace that file and see if it solved the problem for you.

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@danielperna84 thanks for the quick workaround, but with this its still not working:

2018-01-30 07:43:53 ERROR (SyncWorker_1) [pyhomematic._hm] RPCFunctions.jsonRpcPost: Exception: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)

But nevermind, I will try to correct the CCU bug by myself directly on my CCU2 as described here: https://github.com/jens-maus/RaspberryMatic/commit/87a83f3b81ab19124f88e17a26b2b75978ecf794

I will give feedback :slight_smile:

hey its working :slight_smile:

you have to login on the ccu2 with SSH, then:

mount -o remount,rw /

edit the file as described here: https://github.com/jens-maus/RaspberryMatic/commit/87a83f3b81ab19124f88e17a26b2b75978ecf794

mount -o remount,ro /

reboot the CCU.

Thats all. Please keep in mind that you have to do this every time you update the firmware of your CCU2, as this is a bug and its not fixed by EQ3.

Thanks @danielperna84 for your patience, I am happy now :wink:


Thank you so much for your patience and help @danielperna84 and @nicx works now like charm.

Also the CCU2 fix for the bug is working perfect!

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Can somebody tell me how this fix can be applied to a CCU2 (I’m not using RaspberryMatic but an actual CCU2 hardware).

I think nicx’s mentioned patch just solves it for RaspberryMatic.

My CCU2 has v2.31.25 and I’m using Hass.IO 0.64.3.

I get following error message being logged 1-2 times per minute:

RPCFunctions.jsonRpcPost: Exception: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)
/components/homematic/__init__.py (ERROR)

And I see the ccu2 in the HASS.IO UI but no variables and just a “0” as well as I’m not able to set any variable.

The fix described above is meant for the CCU. You have to enable SSH access in the settings of the CCU and then follow the steps. You don’t have to change anything at your HA-configuration. At the point where you are you already get everything you need, but with the buggy output. So all you need to do is apply the patch. Afterwards everything should be working.

And the CCU bug is exactly the reason why you just get the 0 (number of service messages). The CCU bug prevents HA from getting the variables.

Sorry, then I don’t get the point how to proceed. Because I already was on my CCU2 via SSH.

This would be the steps I would do:

  1. Login to the CCU via SSH (I use WinSCP and start a terminal) => DONE

  2. Type in the terminal the command “mound -o remount,rw /” => DONE

  3. What should I do now? nicx’s link contains a patch file “0025-WebUI-Fix-JSON-Response.patch” and the original as well as the modified “json.tcl” file. Do I have to copy the patch to somewhere on the CCU via SSH and replace my CCU’s “json.tcl” by the modified one from the link? But where do I find that?
    Do I have to start the patch file? How?

  4. Type in the terminal the command “mound -o remount,ro /”

  5. Reboot the CCU

I’ve edited the file (occu/WebUI/www/api/eq3/json.tcl) and removed the 2 lines that are red (https://github.com/jens-maus/RaspberryMatic/commit/87a83f3b81ab19124f88e17a26b2b75978ecf794).

+-    "\{" "\\\{"
+-    "\[" "\\\["

Thanks for the feedback. Everything is working fine now!

Just for others having the same issues:

  • my json.tcl file was located here on my CCU2: /www/api/eq3/json.tcl
    => I just removed the two lines mentioned by “ich777”, that’s it!
  • after my CCU reboot three climate thermostats didn’t provide a status anymore (current temp., active program [man, auto, boost]) but I could access them via CCU’s device settings. The solution: Just delete the respective devices in the CCU and start the learn procedure again as you had to do initially. That’s it, the devices are working fine again!
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