Home Assistant - Down Under on Discord (#home-assistant on the Melbourne Raspberry Pi Hacker forums)

Hi folks,

To all aussies (and non aussies as well… . :slight_smile:) on this forum…please feel free to drop by and say hi at our discord channel. We’ve got a fairly active Raspberry Pi forum with a specific channel on Home Assistant. We use the discord channel to share updates, help each other out with any HA specific issues including general HA chit chat.

With the support of my team I run the Melbourne Raspberry Pi Hackers group which meets (used to i.e.) in person at the Docklands Makerspace.Also run a code club for kids in Altona North. For the last few months we’ve paused all in person meetups and have made the timely transition to Discord.

You’ll find details here - https://www.meetup.com/Melbourne-Raspberry-Jam/

Chat with us about HA on Discord - https://discord.gg/Wp5n2ae

We are bunch of makers, hackers sharing, learning together. You don’t have to be aussie to join us…just that the timezone might be an issue… :slight_smile:

Happy hacking folks!!!