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Hi all,

I’ve created a configuration guide on how to setup HA, letsencrypt with mosquitto and OwnTracks. This is the distilled information from a weekends worth of reading and experimentation. I though some people might find this useful as I didn’t find an end to end guide on getting all these setup. It is still a work in progress.


Good write up.

Bonus-points for your coverage of both Android and iOS OwnTracks certificate setup. Definitely a keeper for when I can get around to setting up this stuff.

Thanks for sharing!

Dear @nilathj

I’m trying to set up OwnTracks with Mosquitto TLS, Let’s Encrypt and Duckdns on Hassio on my RPi3.

As you probably know, Hassio works different then the command line.

My problem is as follows, without TLS, I receive messages with my location and battery niveay etcetera. When I enable TLS it doesn’t work. Is there a possibility you can have a private chat with me to look into my problem?

Yea sure, Its most probably the TLS handshaking is failing with the certs. Have a look at the Hassio logs. I haven’t installed it, so unfortunately can’t give you much pointers. Check out these to debug and they do also have their own forum. Might be worth posting in there.

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Hassio debug:


Hassio forum:


Yes, I already have a topic there, it would be pretty awesome if you can have a look at that topic, here it is.