Home assistant edits not syncing

I have my home assistant port forwarded through a ngnix setup. I’m able to log in using the normal homeassistant.local.8123 or the mydomain.net

My issue is any edits I make do not sync across the different areas as I would expect. If I use the local address edits sync to all log in methods, but if I edit using the domain address it doesn’t sync to the .local login unless I create a backup from the domain and load it on .local
Even stranger yet I have the app on my android phone which is pointed to the domain address and it doesn’t seem any of the edits being done. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled and it only sees edits done on the .local

The domain login is able to control everything and doesn’t have any connection issues that I can see

Please show an example of what’s ‘not syncing’

For some things in HA it is literally impossible to be out of ‘sync’ because there is only one… but for others - mainly UI elements, there may be a misunderstanding as to what’s going on. But from the description it’s almost impossible to tell

(we’re still at - when I’m remote it broke, why? No we need better info)

What EXACTLY I mean as descriptive as possible for both how you. Login and what you’re doing that’s ‘not in sync’

Try to isolate it to to the smallest possible change when you describe it.

It’s the dashboards for some reason any edits to dash boards don’t seem to sync. I had to load from a backup on the app and the .local

What about the dashboards. Detailed steps.

HA dashboard setting is per user / per device.

Which basically means every machine you login to will default back to the default dashboard.
The first thing I do is change it to my preferred dashboard.

Which means if I login to another device I’m now looking at two different dashboards…

Is that possibly what you’re seeing?

Here you can see the issue. Im on my computer logged into homeassistant.local:8123 and on my livingroom dashboard. It only contains the a few cards.
When I log into my homeassistant using mydomian.com on my phone same user, I do not have the other cards made for other rooms. And if I edit the cards with any login method they do not sync. Im logged in with the same user and the livingroom dashboard is the default.

Which is ‘newer’

One of these is likely having a caching issue.

The one on the right.

I had never logged into the homeassistant.local from my computer. I just did this today and it did not have any of the edits from the mydomain.net
Ive tried this from a couple of devices and it defaults to the dashboard on the left. even if I never opened it up from that device before