Home Assistant entities ids generated by MQTT

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I’ve created an add-on for Somfy Protexial IO using MQTT integration to works.

Entities are created using “unique_id” and “name” in MQTT messages I publish to MQTT broker.

Here is a sample :

{"name":"Somfy - Cl lcd - Clavier entree - Box","unique_id":"somfy_755423_box","device_class":"problem","availability_topic":"homeassistant/binary_sensor/somfy_755423_box/availability","state_topic":"homeassistant/binary_sensor/somfy_755423_box/state","device":{"identifiers":["Somfy Protexial IO - 808804"],"manufacturer":"Somfy","model":"Protexial IO Cl lcd","name":"Somfy Protexial IO Cl lcd (Clavier entree)"}}

In Home Assistant, if was expecting to get a Binary Sensor named “binary_sensor.somfy_755423_box” but it’s name is “binary_sensor.somfy_cl_lcd_clavier_entree_box” (obviously based on name “Somfy - Cl lcd - Clavier entree - Box”)

How to have entities ids based on “unique_id” ?

This to avoid duplicated entities if name change…

Thanks !