Home Assistant - EVCC and Qcells / Modbus

Hi all.

I’ve the following issue and maybe someone can help or has the environment like me and experience.
Since a couple of weeks I’ve installed the Home Assistant, which is a really cool tool.
In general I’ve at home a 10KWp PV and all data from the inverter I pull via modbus / Waveshare RS485tcp into Home Assistant. Works fine.
But last week I found the third party tool EVCC. I hadn’t any issues to integrate EVCC into Home Assistant. But my problem is, how to configure the evcc.yaml, that I can see data inside EVCC and use EVCC.
So the question is, if someone can paste the code, how I can connect to my modbus / Waveshare with the result to see data inside EVCC.

Thanks in advance.