Home Assistant Event State Nodes keep saying connecting after updating nodes

I updated Event State Node Packages and now nodes just says connecting and even when adding a new event state node it cant find any home assistant entities.

I also tried updating node-red, restarting and still event state entities cant find home assistant entities. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,

Open one of the event state nodes, look at the server drop down. Is there more than one server defined? Also look at the log page of the nodered addon. Is there any errors? No? Restart the addon. Go to the log page and refresh every 10 seconds or so until it starts.

There is only 1 server available n the event state dropdown. Also, in the node-red log addon here is the error I am getting “18 Mar 05:19:30 - [error] [api-call-service:92a5c1ddf0273908] NoConnectionError”
The event state nodes simply cant find any of my home assistant entities?