Home Assistant for Synology

Good evening ,
I installed Home Assistant on a NAs Synology via Docker.
I wanted to know if and how the Supervisor can be installed as I have to subsequently install several applications via repositary.
Thanks to can help me or show me a guide. On the net I have not found any of this.
Home Assistant Core version 2022.5.4

My $0.02 is to install the VMware .ova file for a full HA OS install in VMM on your Synology. It will save you a lot of headaches in the long run, and is a supported installation platform…

Hi, the guide below should help you setup Home Assistant Supervisor on Synology using the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) Package and VMware.ova image mentioned by @vreihen . The guide is focused on migrating from the old hass.io package (which is no longer supported) however I think a lot of this still applies when migrating from Docker.

To run the VMM package you will need to check:

  • That you have a supported NAS model (e.g. from the “+” series).
  • The installation volume is formated as btrfs (not ext4).
  • You have enough memory (you may get away with 4GB if the NAS does not have much else installed but 8GB would be preferred).

You could try stopping your HA Docker container, install HA Supervised on Synology VMM using this guide, copy your configuration files across, then see how you go. You can always back-track and re-start the HA Docker container if you run into problems.

Things will be a little more complicated if you are using a Zigbee or Zwave radio (USB stick) as I think it will need to be removed from the Docker install before you can add it in the VMM package.

If you are able to do this then it is definately worth it.

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