Home Assistant Frigate compatible cameras

Hi all,

I need to update my CCTV system which is currently standalone with some pretty old 1080p cameras an NVR which i currently have connected on it’s own VLAN isolated from everything else including the net as i don’t trust it or the cameras. I have had it running in home assistant but have taken it out for the moment.

I want to do a complete refresh so i’m looking for 3 new cameras min recorded resolution i’m after is probably 2K or more POE. Camera’s will be recorded to my NAS which has a container running frigate (i’m thinking about running as an addon but i need to check if i can get the coral tpu working that way)

In the UK REOLINK seem to have taken over amazon and the RLC-820A seems a decent deal BUT they are H265 although my understanding is this can be reduced in rez and changed to a H264 stream. Even then people do not seem impressed with REOLINK stream implementation.
Searching around for camera’s of similar specs are pretty much significantly more expensive (£60 each at the moment) those recommended by frigate are either far more expensive or not readily available in the UK.
So finally my question. Am i wrong? has anyone got these reliably running in Home Assistant and frigate (or another software)? What better alernatives are available at similar prices?


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Amcrest IP5M-B1276EW

Reolink are good but I believe low light is poor and image takes priority over features

Amcrest is good for me. Low light is great. I turn of IR and use color at night. If there is any light even moonlight image is good

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they look reasonable unfortunately not available in the UK . We do get some armcrest stuff but not much.

I might go with RCL-810. The dome models are easier to install since, no screws except base mount, but they always seem easy to move out of position since no screws. That said, makes for easy install and I’ve never had an issue with that type dome so maybe I’m paranoid.

There was a Reolink with strobe and red/blue flasher. I liked the feature and considered getting one to use as external alarm visual indicator.

Dahua is Amcrest and may have better availability for you. Look for models with starlight and mic

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Off topic, but out of curiosity, why?
I see several posts from UK countries where devices that are freely available in the US are unavailable in the UK. I am wondering, why?

May be under different brand or model or maybe just need to look at different market site.

The recommended models may be a little dated but I’m not sure. I think newer models are available for same or very close price but higher resolution or minor added feature like spotlight

it’s a little weird here with some things now. I think (although i may be incorrect) that since Brexit some suppliers who sold into the UK from Europe haven’t bothered setting up in the UK due to market size and costs. My buying choice has 100% been reduced in other areas but it’s the choice we made better or for worse.
Unless you are really on top of the details it’s really hard to work out what cameras are supplied under different names/brands i buy a new set of camera’s every 5-10 years and don’t follow it in-between.

I think i’m going to go for some Annke cameras. I’m going to buy a 8MP and 5MP cameras and see what i can do from the settings. I can always send back if necessary. They do 12mp as well but that seems overkill!

I will report back when they arrive so other people might find the info. Thanks for the help!