Home Assistant frontend websocket address

By default, the Home Assistant frontend communicates Home Assistant via a websocket provided by the Home Assistant core. Can I instead specify a different URL for the websocket the frontend connects to?


Presently, I have an app that interacts with Home Assistant via MQTT. Home Assistant takes care of user interaction. I am not using other features (e.g. Automations, Integrations, etc). Although this works, for various reasons I’d prefer the Home Assistant frontend to directly connect to a websocket provided by my app (which of course then has to implement all relevant requests, e.g. authentication, state updates, etc).

The documentation mentions an External Bus that might provide this feature. But I have not found any details or examples and am not sure how to make use of it and if it provides what I want.

Any insights how to implement my plan would be appreciated. I am also not completely sure about the websocket protocol. While key features (auth, state updates) appear reasonably straightforward to implement, perhaps there are requirements that I am not aware of that would make this approach impractical.