Home Assistant generating phantom clicks on Hue Dimmer switches every second for last 3 days

3 days ago my perfectly working setup with HA and Phillips Hue light and switches started acted funny. I could only see that every second of every day for last 3 days now it records button presses when no button is pressed. It keeps repeating the cycle.

It thus is triggering automations which I now disabled.

I have no idea what caused this or where to look for anything and like I said I had this running for few weeks perfectly fine. I did try restoring older configs, older system but all to no avail. Been searching for a solution for a while so I thought I’d ask. And yes I am fairly new to HA.

What about battery? Maybe that’s causing this?

Unfortunately no - these are near brand new units and battery in hue app says 100%.

I did notice however that after I uninstalled HACS Hue Sensor advance it stopped receiving these phantom messages but now nothing works. I reinstalled and again Dimmer switches are not registering correctly and they don’t seem to work in HA.But at least ever second multiple messages of clicks stopped too.

Don’t know trying to setup a brand new system and rest the whole config from scratch and see if it works any better.

So I ended up building new HA server only to discover that because I had 2 hue bridges they seem to have caused a problem between them and my dimmer switches were connecting to either hub resulting in HA loosing them altogether.

Don’t fully understand what happened but I turned one off and now things are manageable again.