Home Assistant Git Exporter Addon

Home Assistant Git Exporter

Export all of your Home Assistant configuration to a git repository of your choice.
Can be used to show your Home Assistant setup in public repositories.

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  • Export Home Assistant configuration
  • Export Supervisor Addon configuration
  • Export Lovelace configuration
  • Export ESPHome configurations
  • Export Node-RED flows
  • Check for plaintext secrets based on your secrets.yaml file and common patterns.
  • Check for plaintext ip and addresses in your config.


For an example take a look at my own Home Assistant configuration.
The folders there are gettings synced with this addon.


If you export your config with this addon and want to help me to spread it further. Here is a badge you can embedd in your readme.

Home Assistant Git Exporter

[![Home Assistant Git Exporter](https://img.shields.io/badge/Powered%20by-Home%20Assistant%20Git%20Exporter-%23d32f2f)](https://github.com/Poeschl/Hassio-Addons/tree/master/git-exporter)

To the Addon: Hassio-Addons/git-exporter at master · Poeschl/Hassio-Addons · GitHub

If issues occur please use the GitHub issue board, since I’m only on the community forum from time to time.

Interesting. This could save some time keeping my repo up to date.

Does it work with an account with 2fa?

2fa on GitHub?
Yes, just use a accesstoken as password.

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Since duckdns doesn’t support storing secrets in the secret file, is there a way to exclude duckdns from the export?

Dyndns is an Addon?
Right now there is no option to exclude specific addon configs.

Secrets should work independently from the content of a addon. Have you already tried to set the secret method as string, like api_key: '!secret secretkey'?