Home Assistant Giving access to HA instance invalid username or password

Good Morning,

I’ve installed HA on ubuntu server 18.04 in VMware Workstation and have hit he interface, I’ve created an account and am at the second page where it states "Your’re about to give (server address) access to your Home Assistant instance.

Logging in with Home Assistant Local"

I enter in my server username and password and it keeps coming back with invalid username or password.

Any help would be appriciated. At this point even being directed at how to wipe the config and start over without having to completely reinstall would be nice.
Thank you

you said you created an account. Have you tried the user name and password of the account you created? It’s not asking for the server user name and password but the account you created in HA itself.

The Username and the Displayed name are different as well. eg my display name might be David but my username might be david1234