Home assistant glow making thousands of database writes every hour

For some reason my esp32 Glow instance is writing tonnes to the database, every flash it detects it makes a new row. Meaning after just a day of running I have over 150000 rows of data (250MB)
I assume this isnt normal since it slows everything down.
Any ideas??

Screenshot 2022-10-28 at 18.11.18

Pretty sure I have the same problem… Given the idea is to track house power usage over time I don’t want to filter out the records, but this seems wrong. When checking the sensor history for daily it’s only reporting each flash for the last 24 hours, but these entries are still stored in the DB for longer.

While waiting to see if anyone else knows how to fix this… @Lite are you seeing these records in states table or somewhere else? Did you find any good way to purge just these using the recorder: purge or purge_entity approach?