Home assistant glow sensitive to EMI Pulse from stove

Quite a while ago i made my self i little Home assistant glow using a esp8266 and a generic photo sensor

So for a while ive been having issues with spikes in energy consumption, ive tried every filter combination i could find up until now that i found out what was causing the spikes

We have a gas stove and by shear luck i was watching the logs when a family member ignited a flame

Low and behold i saw the same high spikes i was seeing (9600w)

The esp itself doesnt seem to be the problem as it can only pickup the spikes when the dupont jumper wire used to connect the photosensor is connected to the sense pin and someone uses the stove.

How can i get rid of this problem?

If you’re sure it’s caused by an EMP, you could try to build a little Faraday cage for the sensor :wink:

Might work what can i use for that?

You could try aluminum foil. Maybe a plastic wrapping to insulate the sensor and then cover it with the foil.

Bet, ill try that

im gonna sacrifice a usb cable to act as a shielded link between the two

Alr usb cable seems to have solved it thanks to its sheilding

So for those who may have similar spikes please make sure the cable is not picking up stray pulses

Thanks for the suggestions :smiley: