Home Assistant Glow - What happens when Wifi conn drops?

I’ve recently added the wonderful HA Glow to my HA setup, and it seems to be working quite well. However I have some questions regarding its behavior in certain situations:

  1. Since I installed it a few weeks ago I haven’t dared to restart my Home Assistant. What happens with the readings that is collected in the time my HA is restarted? Are they lost, or saved locally on the ESP until they can be delivered again?

  2. The same goes for my Wifi connection. If there is a connection drop, if i restart my router or other network wise interruption, how does the Glow behave here? Are readings lost or stored locally until deliverable?

Thanks !

~ Daniel

I’m assuming you are using this yaml here as last modified 01.07.2022:

The “live” value “Power consumption” will be “lost” as long as HA is not rechargeable. The “Total (daily) Energy” sensor on the other will continue to count on the esphome node itself and ones HA is back it will get the most recent (correct) value.

The same as before as “old” values are never stored locally (HA doesn’t even support to get “old” values - it just accepts “present” ones).

One thing to keep in mind is that the yaml uses the default restart values for the esphome node which is 15 minutes without wifi or api connection. As you use a esp32 it should keep save the “Total (daily) Energy” sensor states over a restart.

Thanks ! I think that answers everything for me :smiley: