Home Assistant going to sleep in VirtualBox VM


  • HP Laptop
  • Windows 11
  • VirtualBox VM

For the most part, this installation is working just fine, however, if I don’t interact with HA for ~20 minutes, it’s like the VM goes into a sleep mode.

HA becomes inaccessible via the app and the browser. I can remote into the laptop (indicating the connection is still good) and I can clearly see the VM still running.

There’s nothing on the CLI indicating it’s got no network connection and checking logs after a restart doesn’t show any issues.

After shutting down the VM and starting it up again, it works fine - until I leave it again.

I have looked at the power management settings for the network adapters (as suggested in another post) and even with the setting disabled (see below) the behaviour remains the same.

I have an identical setup running via VirtualBox on a Macbook Air (for over a year now) and I never once had any of these issues.