Home Assistant got disconected from the network

Hi guys.
I’ve been struggling for a few days.

I’m running a VM using Hyper-V on Windows server. It worked perfectly for a few months.
Suddenly, it stopped working. I was unable to access trough browser or the app.
The server got disconnected from the network (not even ping, It was running on a static IP)
So I decided to delete the VM and install again.
The problem is that after restarting it, the problem persists.

If I run systemctl , I got this:

Any ideas??
thanks a lot!

Something similar happened to me. It was because I had my router dns set to my Vm for the use of ad guard. This caused it all too go crazy. Also when you recreate the va check to make sure no ports that were needed are being forwarded to the old MAC address.

I don’t know how, but after going back and forward with the VM, now it is working.
Thanks for your help!!