Home Assistant Green - How to access HAOS host system?

I’ve recently bought a Home Assistant Green and successfully migrated my HA from a VM - the process was extremely smooth and very impressive!

One thing I haven’t been able to work out though is how to access the underlying host system (HAOS) on the HA Green. Using the VM I would access the console for the VM and then type “login” to get to the host system. What is the equivalent to access HAOS for the Home Assistant Green?

An example of the command I’m trying to run is docker exec -it addon_a0d7b954_influxdb bash to access the individual docker container for an add-on, but more generally it would be useful to know how to access HAOS on the HA Green.

Thanks! I already have that add-on but can’t work out how to get out of the HA CLI onto the actual host system. I tried “login” but it asks for a username and password and doesn’t accept my HA one nor “root” without a password (I don’t recall explicitly setting up a password for “root”, but it’s been a while since I set up HA initially so not 100% sure on this).

The point of HAOS is that it is locked down for security with only access to the HASS VM, and not to the underlying HAOS host nor supervisor. The Green hardware is a simple, cheap, appliance designed to be easy and secure to use.

Getting access to the internals is analogous to rooting an Android phone - possible, but reduces security so not useful for production use.

For developers, the guides essentially show how to add SSH keys to gain access to the host:

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Thank you! I don’t have physical access to my HA Green right now, but when I do I’ll try this out (adding SSH keys via a USB drive) and mark as the solution once confirmed.

EDIT: Confirmed this worked so marked as the solution - thanks again!