Home Assistant Green is now available

We’re happy to tell you that Home Assistant Green is now available from most of the distributors in our global network. If you were waiting for a store closer to your location to sell Home Assistant Green, check out our distributor list now to find one near you:

Buy Home Assistant Green

When we launched Home Assistant Green during our 10-year birthday stream, we had an anniversary batch of 1000 units, which sold out very quickly. If you missed out on that anniversary batch, you’ve either been waiting for new stock to arrive or you have already pre-ordered from one of our distributors. The good news is that many of our distributors now have stock, and your pre-order should be shipped out soon! For those who have been waiting for new stock, now is your chance to order a Home Assistant Green. We have distributors shipping from the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, and China.

For more information about Home Assistant Green, visit our product page or watch the team at Nabu Casa talk about Home Assistant Green’s development and features in our anniversary video.

Watch on YouTube: Home Assistant 10th Anniversary Event #HA10

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Congrats, hope to pick one up soon.

DNS issue on my end - fixed!

Bought a HA Green, but it is so slow and does not have enough space. Not usable for me! Can’t even make a new backup!

How did you use up 32 GB?

I dont know! Deleted a 4 GB backup and got back to 87,5% used space. Any idea?
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Did nothing and it went up to 96,1 %

This command erased half of the disk space:
rm -rf /root/backup/*

So you’d made too many backups and didn’t have room for more?

What a useless piece of unusable crap.

Eh, yes. If you use (too) much space, you have less space after it. It’s a normal behavior on every device. :wink:

Yes, it’s called irony …

Thanks for the irony, but there weren’t any backups on the green. I deleted them before i asked for help here!

Next time you can use ncdu -x /

(I don’t know if it’s installable, if not: du -h —max-depth=3 /)


Cute. Nice post

Ok so what was in /root/backup ?

None of my backups worked and the green only run in emergency backup mode so i had to erase everything and start all over again like a new install.

An alternative is

du --max-depth 1|sort -n

Sorts the current dir and sorts numerically

Yeah, there are even more options. But ncdu is, from my pov, the smartest one. I love that tool

What helped in my case was rm -rf /root/backup/*

Yes, you already said. But you didn’t tell us what was in that directory before you deleted it.