Home Assistant Green / Local Folder

Just started to use Home Assistant Green recently and would like to add local picture files to my dashboards. in doing research, I see reference to a “local folder”. Does anyone have detailed instructions on getting to that local folder and what the string to access the icon on the dashboard?

The add-on File Editor will give you easy access to HA files, if you haven’t got it already.

Local files are stored in /config/www/, which in dashboards maps onto /local/. So, for example /config/www/picture.jpg would be referenced in a dashboard as image: /local/picture.jpg.

Another add-on, Samba Share will allow you to copy files into HA from elsewhere.

Documentation is a bit thin, I’m afraid. :roll_eyes: You’ve probably already found this:

Thanks, but I’m still very much confused. I’m using Home Assistant Green and I don’t see a /config/www/ folder but rather a /homeassistant/www/ folder? Is there a statement that I need to add to my config.yaml file?

That’s the one. I don’t understand it fully myself, but they’re the same folder. I get homeassistant using File Editor and config when accessing from outside. :smile: