Home Assistant GUI won't load

So I upgraded to the latest version of Home Assistant today, then the GUI started running slow, I rebooted and cannot get access the web portal :8123 on any device. I can remote into Hassio via the cmd line and check the logs, the only thing it has is that the sensor boots are slow to load, any thoughts on what I can do?

Upgrade from what to what version?

Look at breaking changes and fix your config

I got her back up and running. I deleted the .db file in the config and rebooted the host and it came back to life. I restored a snapshot too but I do not think that was part of the problem. I took uninstalled grafana and influxdb (I want to use them, just not there yet) and updated to 102.1…I broke it. I see the real value of snapshots.

I lied…something is making it crash. deleting the .db file brings it back, but the volumio .mpd is unavailable and when HA is running my 2 volumio instances on separate pis become unresponsive…weird. Going to isolate the .mpd and see if its the issue. HA seems to run significantly slower too.