Home assistant hard restart by unpluging power to rpi-> use smart switch?

Hello everyone,

Sometimes my home assistant instance becomes completely unresponsive remotely. When I come back home I have to plug/unplug my Rpi to restart the OS.

I was wandering if it was possible to use a smart switch to do that from another app (other than HASSIO).
Obvioulsy it has to be extreemely reliable and safe since all my home automation systems are completely dependant of the Rpi working completely.
Did anyone try this?

Maybe have a dedicated HA instance for this to specifically switch? a second rpi?
Thanks in advance for any (better) suggestions !

You don’t really need another ha instance running
If you have smart plug that can be flashed with tasmota or esphome.
Setup an automation/rules, something like if the relay is off, starts a 1 minute timer, once it’s up then turns on the relay.

Also, i have another rpi zero running with wireguard/tailscale so i can access the plug remotely

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It is a really bad idea to simply unplug any computer. How about getting to the bottom of what is locking it up?

Yes, it doesn’t happen very often… I just want to have a way, if I’m not home for a while, to restart my automation system if HASSIO is not responsive anymore

One more thing, you can refer to the ‘Watchdog for Wi-Fi router or modem’ section in tasmota rules page.


This willl turn off and on the plug after unsuccessful ping

Check this thread here as it sounds like to be the thing you are looking for:

Instead of a “full blown” AC smart plug like in your picture @Gussir such a cheap device can not only save maybe a watt while running but also be powered from the same power supply as your pi :muscle: