Home Assistant Has A Virus! Upgrading Opens Ashley Madison Windows Every Time

I am trying to figure out how this is happening and where the bug is, but every time I upgrade my Home Assistant installation on my Mac mini it opens up 6-10 Ashley Madison webpages. Will report back as I find out more …


It may not be upgrading, but a virus in the actual app itself. As the screenshot shows, I try to navigate to my home installation in Safari, the page fails to open, and then automatically opens 10 spam pages. Anyone else having this issue???!

Could it be a virus in Python or Homebrew?

I believe your mac mini may be infected. Try accessing home-assistant from your phone or another device.

I’m open to that possibility. However, it is a headless Mac mini, I just did a clean installation of Mojave (wiped disk first), and only have home-brew, python, and home assistant loaded. Nothing else runs on it right now.

Where are you viewing these web pages from? The issue likely resides on the computer you are using not the server running HA.

From an iMac Pro on the same network.

Possibly, but it only happens when when I get a Failed To Open Page error while trying to access the Home Assistant installation via Safari. No other times.

My thought, is that some piece of malware has infected my Home Assistant installation while installing either home-brew, python, or Home Assistant itself. If so, the malware every so often blocks access to Home Assistant server and automatically opens several spam affiliate web pages. This is still a theory, but that is what all of the data is pointing to presently. Trying to narrow it down more right now …

Also, next time it happens (which seems to be about every 7 days) I will attempt to access the Home Assistant installation from different machines and using different browser types.

Running Multiple virus/malware scanners on both machine right now …

What kind of HA installation do you have?

No virus detected on either machine …

Home Assistant installed on a Mac mini via Python.

So you are upgrading the code with pip?

Yes, I am …

Issue is on machine you are using.

I don’t think HA webpage could makr PC open multiple pages but local browser call can do this.

Honestly since HA was new install, it sound like, I would wipe headless PC and redownload all and reinstall not trusting any old file. Before I did that I would wipe and reinstall PC software or restore old image.

Have you tested from other machine?

Sure looks like the answer is a resounding “No.”

Therefore, contrary to the title of this thread, Home Assistant doesn’t have a virus. Time to break out the malware toolkit and have it scan your computer for stuff you inadvertently picked up during your travels through the Internet. Good luck!