Home Assistant (HASSIO) DB/History Error

Hi Experts,

I am frequently getting an error notification related to the database, as below:

The recorder could not start, please check the log.


The following components and platforms could not be set up:

** recorder*
** history*
** logbook*
** default-config*

Please check your config.

I went and applied the solution mentioned in this topic multiple times, but the error would renew after a day or two. Basically, I stopped the service, and deleted the DB file and restarted the service (which eventually recreates the DB ). History would get recorded for 1 or 2 days, and would stop again, with the above error notification.

Is there a permanent solution for this? Or should I keep deleting the DB file?

You edited default config in configuration.yaml didn’t you?

It should be


ie with an underscore. It is also hard to the left with no spaces before it

Yes, of course…


Any help, experts? :pleading_face:

Did you ever solve this? Getting the exact same issue

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I truly don’t know if the issue has been fixed permanently or not, but after some of the later updates, the issue is no longer showing up. And the history is there and I have not had to reset the DB files for a long time now…