Home Assistant High Availability with Hyper-V Replica possible?

i using Home Assistant with some NICs as an Virtual Machine in Hyper-V now i like to have an High Availability my first idea was Hyper-V Replica. In Local Network i can Sync the Replica 30 Seconds. Is it Dangeorus to enable this option? So in Host Error the Virtual Machine Starts on the second Host with Data loss maximum 30 Seconds. Has this any problems? With Databases etc.?

I think its like a backup but every 30 Seconds and this sounds better for me than make a backup for example ever day.


This is a dangerous assumption.

If you perform an update that causes data loss, and you have no actual backup of your db. Then your db and replica are corrupt.

I lost my zwavejs device names today. A backup saved me. A replica would not.

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Thank you for your answer. Youre absolutly right, only backup helps in this case.
Hmm i continue backup. But the question is, will home assistant work with replica or can it makes problems to use hyper-v replica?

Also even in that high availability scenario the Z-Wave controller would be a single point of failure that contains all the network information except the encryption keys.