Home Assistant - High Memory Usage


I have been noticing high memory usage for about a day or so. Tried to disable automations, add-ons, to remove almost everything from my configuration but the memory calculation as per the system monitor sensor is still high ~ 75%.

I am running Home Assistant 0.107.5 (latest) in Docker on Open Media Vault distribution and RPI4 4GB memory hardware. The strange thing is that when I ssh in OMV and check the memory, used by the containers, homeassistant uses about 80MB which seems ok. I am attaching some photos with the output of the top command and from the HomeAssistant UI:

This is from the OMV Terminal - top command:

This is from the OMV Terminal - free command:

This is from the OMV Terminal - docker container stats command:

This is the calculation as per OMV UI:

This is the Home Assistant UI:

This is from the Home Assistant Terminal - free command:

This is from the Home Assistant Terminal - top command:

I really don’t see what’s eating up the memory (if the 75% calculation of the System Monitor is correct as I am starting to doubt it…). Would appreciate if you guys can give me tips on what I can check in order to spot the culprit.



For my PI3b+ … HA is unsuable after a couple of hours… Got less than 80Mb of free memory… before I had 300… It’s so unstable that I had to turn off the 3B+… and I will kill soon my microSD. There is a huge memory leak problem IMHO with last releases

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I have also faced this, luckily I run mine from a VMware esxi server it had 8gb memory and maxes out Nearly all the time. This has only been since the upgrade. It’s not a major issue for me as I just changed the memory to 16gb to solve the issue but it used to be minimal memory now it’s crazy since the upgrade.

Yep, As of 106 I believe the memory has been crazy.

I used to sit at less then 1gig used, now its always 3+ and if i leave it open all day, it will get to 100% used and swaping almost 1g as well. So its leaking on the client side as well.

Only thing open, 1 instance of chrome with ha loaded in it.

Definately something going on.


For clairifcations purpose: the first picture is from one of my desktops, all that its used for is editing and ha related stuff.
Second and third is my Ha server.

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Typical Free memory graph on my PI3B+

On last 30 days


and last 2 days

We can clearly see the memory leak in action

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Same issue here.
I see peaks in the memory usage every 6 hours, sometimes eating all the available memory and blocking the Pi3b.
I have no automations that run every 6 hours so I don’t know how to find this thing.
I hope someone can tell me how I can solve this.