Home Assistant Hostname Certificate Mismatch Error with SWAG on Docker

Hi all, I recently setup hassio on my docker server along with the swag reverse nginx proxy. I followed all of the steps mentioned in this guide and have established http connection on the homeassistant.my-domain.duckdns.org.

Now I want to have this connection encrypted via ssl and with swag, the certificates have already been created. Plus, the port forward on my router is only 443. Yet, I keep getting the following error on the Android App:

The Home Assistant Hostname certificate mismatch, please review the Home Assistant certificate or connection settings and try again.

I attempted this on chrome as well and it marks the website as dangerous/deceptive. How can I fix this?


Click on the icons next to the URL in the browser and find the certificate information.
Now compare it to what you expected it to be.