Home assistant in docker on windows 10

Hi guys. I have to run HA in docker on win10. I read the manual from here https://www.home-assistant.io/docs/installation/docker/ and it works fine, but when i run it and login there are no supervisor. So i am not sure how to

  1. Update home assistant to new versions?

  2. I have deconz stick and it require “deconz” add-on. How to install it if there no add ons store? On official deconz site https://phoscon.de/en/conbee/install#windows10 they said i can use some usb driver or try run deconz in docker. But how to make HA working with that?


At the top of the page you linked to it says:

If you want the Supervisor (supervised) and the Deconz Add-on (from home assistant’s add-on ecosystem) then I think you installed the wrong thing.

ok. But how other people use HA in docker with any zeegbee devices at all? If I install HA in docker and deconz in docker how to make those two containers work together?

If they are on the same LAN ha will discover deconz, regardless of whether the add-on is used. Add-ons are convenient but not essential

What do you mean “discover” deconz? If we use raspberry pi installation there are still docker containers. I saw them when login by ssh console. So my question when we have home assistant container and deconz container where is the settings for manually make work them together? Without any “discover” magic.

If you don’t want those the perfectly functional discovery capability, you can “hardwire” the deconz settings in configuration.yaml. Have you considered reading the documentation.

I was try to help you and don’t much appreciate your response, so will now be ignoring this thread.

I hope you get things sorted out.