Home assistant in virtual box partially working

I am using virtual-box 6.1.34 and the home Assistant VDI with the core version being 2022.7.5.
When I am creating the virtual machine I change the settings so it has 2GB of ram, 2 cores, Linux 2.6 / 3.x / 4.x (64-bit), Enable EFI, intel HD audio and the bridged adapter. Then when I press start sometimes it will boot up and I can create an account and initialize home assistant but if I try to restart or shut it down and start it again it will make it most of the way through the setup process but then when it tries to start the “Wait until kernel time synchronized” it will go until the 1.5 min time limit and then say failed and carries on until it reaches the home assistant page which from there you can do a few things in the cli but you cannot access it from homeassistant.local:8123.
If anyone can help it would be amazing.
Screenshot 2022-07-18 001323

it didnt let me put in more than one screen shot so here is the other
HA page

it didnt work with that change :frowning:

nothing changed after changing that setting.
Got anymore suggestions?

I recently tried running HAOS in VirtualBox and faced a similar issue. I ended up tinkering with the network settings to let it access the network adapter in bridged mode. But eventually I still had random freezes on HAOS so I ended up moving to VMWare and it has been working fine now.

Do you recon i just give up with virtual box and move onto a different virtual machine? ive only ever used virtual box

Yes - at least that worked for me.

is it much different to virtual box to set up?

No, it is pretty similar. Just follow the instructions from here: Windows - Home Assistant

does it cost money? i cant find the download website

The time sync error shouldn’t stop HA from working. I saw that error regularly both in vBox (when I was using vBox) and VMWare Player.

Your problems are mostly related to vBox.

I dont think you are giving the VM enough resources. Yeah, you have the minimum… I gave up using VM’s and went Bare Metal. So many less issues. Although I ran Virtualbox for a few months with out many issues at all. My biggest issues were when Windows would re-boot. I would have to get the USB devices to pass through.
Go Bare metal if you can. Never look back…

Use board/chipset ich9 in vbox !