Home assistant in with internet sharing in 2 networks

Hi everyone!
Im running an old Mac mini as my “Home Server”. It acts as a network share (bc Im living in a student apartment and they only got internet via captive portal like in a hotel). In theory I wanted to share my internet connection and host home assistant at the same time on there.

The Mac mini is connected to my Wifi accespoint via bridge mode, so all devices on there get a intent connection without captive portal.

I installed Homeassistant via VirtualBox and it is up and running. I chose network bridge and the ethernet port of the Mac mini to access it. Works just fine. But how can I get it to show up in the second network as well? Like in the Home assistant app.

I tried setting up another network adapter in VirtualBox with a second bridge to the ethernet port that connects to the Wifi AP. Weirdly Homeassistant shows up in the App but refuses to connect.

I also wanted to connect it to HomeKit. Bridge shows up as well but can’t connect either.
Sometimes my Apple TV (connected to the Wifi AP) shows up as a new device in Home assistant, so there has to be some kind of connection. Maybe its got to do with some port configuration.

Can somebody help me or give any tips that can solve the issue? I´d greatly appreciate it.

But eitherway thanks for the help!!