Home assistant inaccessible since last update

Hey there,

I am running HA in a VM on a synology NAS. It’s been operating fine since last year but a couple of days ago, i believe after the recent updates to the OS and HA it started behaving oddly. At some point in the day (morning before 8 am and evening before 5pm), the web interface becomes inaccessible. The only way to get it back is to forcefully reboot the VM. The log files do not indicate anything wrong at those times.
Is anyone else experiencing something similar?

Also check if the OS had any updates, along with the VM software did it have any updates? Same for AV/Firewall.

Nothing on synology side, i update manually. But i’remember updating HA and OS on friday and then my problems started.

It craps out after this apparently:

That would be your remote access setup. So that may need to be diagnosed. Look at disabling it first and see if can then start.

Just found this: Troubleshooting

I’ve disabled ipv6 and remote access but it’s still doing it. Checked this morning before i went to work, everything’s running and is accessible. Once i’m at work, blamo. Same message as above in the logs at 7:50.

The only thing i can think of is the sunrise and sundown, because it’s usually around there when my inverter starts and shuts down. But i’m getting the data through another device via an API call.